You Got A Problem With That? Call Jimmy Layfield.

David & Stephanie Ponder Are Back At Baggett. This Time, For Good.
August 7, 2017
Housekeeper wanted. Must be willing to travel.
August 7, 2017
Our Anniston Terminal Manager is also Baggett’s Answer Man.
Let’s say you’re out on the road — hours from the nearest dependable mechanic — when, without warning, your transmission fails. Now what? If you’re a Baggett driver, chances are you have Jimmy Layfield’s number on speed-dial.
“That’s happened a couple times I can remember,” says Jimmy. “I had a driver call me from Arkansas one day. His wife had just lugged their truck uphill, and he was having all kinds of transmission problems. Why their automatic transmission didn’t downshift by itself, I don’t know.
Here’s an idea
“I told him to grab a wrench, pull off the ground cables, and let it sit for ten minutes. When it’s a soft code problem, that’ll get the transmission’s computer re-set. So I waited with him on the phone, then ran him through a self-check and told him to push the D Button. He pushed the D Button, pressed on the gas, and said, ‘I’m gone! Thanks, Jimmy.’ Sometimes it works.
“The other guy who called with that same problem wasn’t so lucky. I told him what to do, but his computer wouldn’t clear — so he called Freightliner. When they told him to do exactly the same thing, I jumped in my rig here at the terminal and headed his way. We swapped-out trucks, he got back on the road, and I replaced his clutch.”
“I can always count on Jimmy”
Claiborne Crommelin, Baggett’s VP of Safety and Recruiting, says, “Jimmy was my boss back when we had a shop, and I worked there in high school. He was a good boss back then, and he’s always been a team player. I know I can count on him to help-out, no matter what we need. Even with the dirty jobs.
“One thing about Jimmy, whether it’s a mechanical issue or something to do with satellite tracking, you can give it to him — and he’ll figure-out how to handle it by himself. I really appreciate that, because with those kinds of problems, I’m functionally illiterate.”
Can do. Will do.
One recurring problem Claiborne was more than happy to turn-over to Jimmy was management of the company’s Skybitz satellite trackers. “One day, he just asked if I needed some help with that,” remembers Claiborne, “and boy did I ever. I gave him the Skybitz user’s manual, and he figured-out how to manage it just by reading the directions. Which, by the way, were no help to me.”
“I’d seen how much time Claiborne was spending on it,” says Jimmy, “and I figured he needed the help.” Little did he know, at the time, what he’d gotten himself into. “Sometimes, I’ll spend as much as two hours a day working on Skybitz issues” — which can range from software glitches to problems with the satellite network itself.
Baggett’s Skybitz system is now in good hands. “Another thing about Jimmy,” says Claiborne, “he can figure-out most drivers’ problems just by talking with them on the phone. With me, I’d suggest what little I knew to recommend, then tell the drivers to bring their trailers back to the shop.”
Whatever it takes. That’s pretty much been Jimmy’s attitude since his first day at Baggett. A day Jimmy still remembers, by the way. “Mr. Sellers hired me, and I started working here Christmas Eve, 1981.” Knowing Jimmy, it’s a good thing for his family there were no sudden problems that needed solving the next day.
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