Things Are A Lot Clearer Since They Joined Baggett!

Aren’t You Kinda Young To Be An Owner Operator?
August 7, 2017
James & Joyce Waid have one simple rule: Just tell us the truth.
Baggett Dispatcher Beth Ferguson has something good to say about every driver in our fleet — but when asked about James & Joyce Waid, her first comment almost sounds like a little regional pride coming out: “They’re nice in that typical Southern way,” she says, before catching herself. “Wait, that didn’t come out right. I mean, I wouldn’t want other drivers thinking I don’t think they’re nice!”
So Beth, were you trying to say something like…Jasper, Alabama’s James & Joyce come from a part of the country where, for instance, folks their age still routinely say Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am to folks half their age?… “Yeah, that’s it! Anyhowww..”, she continues, getting back on track, “They’re just real nice people. And they like to move. When they’re on the road, they’re perfectly happy going straight from job to job. At the same time, they’ve learned to trust us when we ask them to wait a day or two for a good opportunity.”
Did you hear the one about . . .
Which brings us to the first thing James has to say about the last company he and Joyce drove for, before Baggett: “It was the same problem we’d had with other companies in the past: They forget to tell the truth. I’d much rather be told the truth than be given runaround. Beth tells us like it is 100% of time. Ed’s the same way.”
Don’t misunderstand, James continues. “We’ve worked for some good companies in the past. But nobody’s ever been honest with us like Baggett. Or paid us as well. I’ve talked to a lot of other Baggett drivers since we joined the company last October, and everybody feels the same way.”
Welcome to the family
Like a lot of other drivers, James and Joyce also enjoy the friendships they’ve made since joining Baggett. “You know Joshua and Megan Stephens? We’ve seen them several times out on the road. We first met them in Hawthorne, Nevada—and they escorted us all the way back South from California. Just a couple weeks ago, we camped together in Indiana over the weekend, when we were all a couple days between loads.”
You’ve been married how long?
Hard to believe, but James & Joyce (both only in their late 50s) have a daughter almost as old as Joshua & Megan. “I’m 58,” James continues, “and we’ve been married for 40 years.” He’s been on the road almost that long. “I started driving when I was 19 or 20.” Why trucking? “I guess it’s what you do when you’re as hard-headed as I was at that age. I decided I was smarter than my parents, so I quit school and went to work. And there’s not much else you can do, that I know of, where you can make as much money.”
James & Joyce typically like to spend two weeks to a month at a time, on the road. And when it’s time to get home, “Beth always gets us there. We don’t put any limits on where we’ll go, but we do enjoy being home and playing with our granddaughters.”
Oh, the places they’ll go!
During the warmer months, when they’re off the road, you’ll often find the couple (and their granddaughters) cruising up and down nearby Smith Lake in their pontoon boat. And just about any time the opportunity arises, you might catch Joyce pursuing her own hobby — photography. “I’ve been taking pictures all my life. Older houses, fields, animals. I like the places we go for Baggett.”
2015011395170458-1James agrees. “And another thing, it’s the first company that runs us the way we like to run. I only wish I’d known about them twenty years ago. As long as you keep us running, you’re not going to hear from me.” Here’s hoping you don’t hear from James for a long time to come!
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