Mike & Sula Coshatt Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are.

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August 4, 2017
What led these Owner Operators to become Wounded Warriors supporters.
It started with a news item about country music singer Trace Adkins, Mike says. “We’re fans of his. And when we read that he was supporting the Wounded Warriors project, we thought it was a good idea. Honestly, those folks deserve all the help we can give them. If you asked me, the government’s not doing near enough for our veterans.”
Like a lot of our drivers, Mike and Sula joined Baggett specifically for the opportunity to serve our men and women in uniform. “Whenever we’re at military bases, we really like talking with young soldiers and sailors.”
You met Todd?
Not surprisingly, the couple has quite a few interesting stories to go with their chosen profession. “About six months ago, we were on a base out in the middle of nowhere, talking with a guy who told us he was undergoing advanced sniper training. About a month later, we were at Fort Benning talking to four Army Rangers. A couple of them were Alabama fans, so we already had a lot to talk about.
“When we told them about the guy we’d met at that other base, they all knew him. Turned-out the four of them were also snipers.”
It’s about to get real loud.
“Not long ago, we had a load to deliver to a Naval Air Base. The commander came out to thank us personally for working on Saturday, which was just fine with us, of course. They had us pull our truck right out onto the tarmac—where there were eight F18s parked. That’s when the commander suggested we’d be needing ear plugs real soon.” You could say that experience was pretty awesome.
Don’t tell Lockheed Martin she said that.
“There was another time when we had our truck parked near the tarmac, and I asked Sula if she saw any fighter planes. She said, ‘There’s a real ugly one over there.’ It was a brand new F22” (the advanced stealth Raptor which made its combat debut just this past September).
Mike and Sula in previous lives
Before they decided on a trucking career, Mike was a project manager for a construction company, building homes. Sula worked at a salon in the Birmingham suburb of Mountain Brook. When Sula started experiencing problems with a herniated disc, and Mike’s homebuilding job got to be a pain in the region just below his back, they decided to hit the road.
We like trucking, but…
Unlike a lot of young drivers, they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. “People have the idea that we’re just living the Cowboy life out here,” says Mike, “but it’s hard work.
“A buddy of mine recently said he and his wife were thinking about buying a truck, so I told him, ‘First, you can forget about bass fishing most Saturdays. Next, try this: You and your wife go into the bedroom, close the door, and don’t come out for 24 hours. That’s what one day on the road is like.’ Didn’t take him long to decide he didn’t want to do that.”
Not that Mike & Sula are complaining. Compared to their last company, “our revenues are up with Baggett.” Up enough, in fact, to allow them to donate twice a year to Wounded Warriors. And how much are they donating? Mike asked us not to say, but let’s put it this way: This is truly a couple that puts their money where their mouths are.
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